martes, 5 de mayo de 2009

Lost in Melbourne

by: Kiki Georgiou

Kiki Georgiou: Every model has their “I was discovered...” story. What's yours and why did you get into modelling?

Jethro Cave: I was on the “Guess Who” (board-game) tvc when I was nine....since then my career has been spiralling down hill.

KG: You're very young and have already worked with some of the biggest names in this industry, most notably Heidi Slimane and Nicola Formichetti. How was that as an experience and who else would you love to work with, designer, photographer, model?

JC: No one in particular, anyone who will book me...

KG: How into fashion were you before you started working in it and has it turned out to be what you were expecting?

JC: I was never really into fashion as an industry but I like clothes. It’s pretty much what I expected.

KG: What else interests you, outside fashion, and would you want to pursue it at some point? Music? Photography? acting?

JC: Music.

KG: Are you still based in Australia and if so, are there any plans to move to Europe at some point?

JC: Yes, in the future but I still need a visa.

KG: What's the craziest place you found yourself at, because of work?

JC: Some massive squat in Hamburg.

KG: OK, we just have to mention your father. We do. Be honest, how annoying is it when this happens, what are his thoughts on what you do and what's the usual reaction you get when people find out who he is?

JC: You’re right. It is really annoying.

KG: He's a hero for a lot of people. Who's yours?

JC: Nick Kershaw.

KG: Best perk of the job?

JC: Not having to get a real job.

KG: Most annoying fashion line you've heard so far?

JC: It’s hard to determine.
And there you have it - a wonderful insight into the complex world of Jethro Cave. Stunning!

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